Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pay Per Click Software Product, PPCDynamite, Scores a Hit in the Internet Marketing World

PPCDynamite, a recently developed Pay Per Click software which is marketed exclusively on the Internet has notched up several high-profile reviews and has become quite a hit, considering the number of sales that it has achieved in a very short time. What has mainly brought about this stupendous success for this Pay Per Click marketing concept is the unique idea that it employs. The website through which PPCDynamite is promoted,, lists in detail the concept of the product and the many benefits that are associated with it.

For years now, Internet entrepreneurs have tried their hand at making some extra money through the Pay Per Click business model – a business model that really came into its own when Google jumped onto the bandwagon with its highly successful Google AdWords. This brought about a flurry of new-fangled business ideas, promising to tell entrepreneurs how to best monetize Google’s PPC product. However, PPCDynamite certainly goes one step ahead in bringing all those PPC profits. This Pay Per Click software doesn’t just deal with Google AdWords, but it also dabbles with optimum monetization of similar other campaigns such as Bing and Yahoo!

A representative of the PPCDynamite team spoke to this website about the spurt in popularity of their flagship product. “So far, several Pay Per Click software tools have come and gone,” he says. “However, the one reason why PPCDynamite has lasting power is because it directly tells people what products to add to their campaigns, what keywords to use and offers them the lowest bidding amounts for these popular keywords. This has definitely never been done before. People who were so far on the threshold about whether to go ahead with PPC or not have now made their decision – they want to go ahead with it! Our product has just made the whole thing so much simpler for them.”

The program simplifies the entire Pay Per Click campaign by allowing online marketing people to create their own ad groups. This is a new approach at PPC. People can build groups of ads easily by duplicating ads to create new ads instantly. This saves time, and holds better PPC profit prospects because of the concept of keyword match types. Variations of keywords can be used in these ads which can be then used to create more wide-reaching advertising. PPCDynamite also introduces the concept of unique tracking ID per keyword added automatically, regardless of how many keywords are used in all.

With all its various features, PPCDynamite certainly brings automation into the PPC business model. By its own admission, it says that the concept is like a carpenter graduating from using hand tools to using electrically powered machines. A motley crew of websites have already used this Pay Per Click software in their campaigns and achieved the results it speaks about.

This Pay Per Click software product is currently being sold at $127 through the website. This is made to be a better bargain with the inclusion of various bonuses,including bestselling eBooks such as The Expert Guide to PPC Marketing, Profit Funnel Secrets and Niche Marketing Camp – The Autopilot Campaign Setup! The addition of these bonuses has made a successful product even more successful.

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